My Experience with Online Marriage Proposals

No, marriages are not made in heaven. Or hell. They’re made on earth. You and your partner can decide whether to MAKE a marriage a heaven or a hell

I was fresh out of college and joined a prestigious company in Mysore as a trainee. Life went on smooth and I was so into career development forgot about other life aspects. Sooner most of my friends had girl friends, their first kiss and carnal pleasures.

Some of my close friends started to get hitched knowingly or unknowingly :). I had two sisters, so i did not feel the pressure from my family. Years passed by then i realized some thing was missing, may be girl friend or lover to chat ? Nah. My dad and mom started to bring in the topic of marriage now and then. So I decided to take plunge into online matrimonial sites.

I registered in several matrimonial sites, diligently I wrote a intro about myself. Sites started to give me potential/preferred matches based on my settings.  And I started clicking on sending invitation to all matches. It was like speed dating or blind date just to look at the categories and match. Next day I received several message on my inbox, 90% of them where rejections. I could not understand the reason, because website wont give any.

Months passed by without any luck, probability of rejection increased to 100%. One fine day like a dream i got a invitation from a prospect through online site. We chatted for a while and Family liked the profile they wanted have a face-time with me. I prepped myself for the interview online. The interviewers started questioning, about bible, Jesus, David’s Sins. I answered all of their question as I had completed by Biblical courses. The Next day morning I got rejection mail from the Interviewers. I was puzzled, so I just wanted to get their feed back. They told me I quote “We did not like your answers on David’s Sin”.

My Next Interview was a few days later, I told my colleagues to pray for the interview. I was nervous after my first encounter. This time they asked me to play song on guitar and sing along. The very next day i got a mail about their rejection. I did not get any feed back from them, I think they did not like my chord progression.

Meanwhile, I had few accepted candidates but they got married before I could get a shot at the interview. Few weeks back I received a message from a girl through online matrimony. She texts me only when she is drunk. After a few rounds of chatting over whats-app, she called and said i quote “My parents wants a guys close to my home and earns more money than you”.

Most of the candidates on online proposals have high expectation about their partners on categories like  Money, Citizenship, Green card, Height, Caste, Color. Being a single male for these years without any girl friend and relationship, I find this search ridiculous and unholy. I strongly feel it should be based on the personnel connection and interests not on monetary benefits.


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